About the Owner and Pilot
In 2023, Droneyez Media was founded by Darron D. Williams, an FAA certified Remote Pilot who has always been passionate about photography and videography.

Mr. Williams started his journey in the early 90s with a 35mm camera, capturing moments and scenes he held dear. As technology advanced, he embraced digital cameras, and his hobby soon became a lifestyle.

In 2017, Mr. Williams became interested in drones and their ability to capture iconic moments but lacked experience flying them. Despite this, he purchased a drone and practiced flying it as a hobbyist during the pandemic. With time and practice, Mr. Williams gained valuable knowledge that led him to take the FAA exam to become a licensed Remote Pilot successfully.

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What We Offer

Our drones, the DJI Mavic 3 Pro and the DJI Avata, are top-of-the-line models that ensure high-quality results.

Aerial Photography/Videography

Droneyez Media provides a range of services, including aerial photography and videography. These services can be used for marketing purposes or to capture unique perspectives

Landscape Photography

We specialize in landscape photography, capturing stunning nature and outdoor scenes from above that translate into unforgettable portraits.

Aerial Event Coverage

Our aerial event coverage is perfect for capturing different viewpoints of your event, from sporting events to community-driven events, and we offer cost-effective services to

Scenes from the first beautiful day of 2024… Scenes from the first beautiful day of 2024…

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Scenes from the first beautiful day of 2024…
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Scenes from the first beautiful day of 2024… Scenes from the first beautiful day of 2024…